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It’s all about you and a QR code

QR Codes (Quick Response) are a fast and immediate link between you and your target audience guiding potential customers to your business – or friends and relatives to your personal mobile site.
A QR code can be plain, personalised or pictorial depending on your requirements and can be printed, carved or etched onto any type of material – be it paper products, clothing, wood, stone, marble or metal products which means that your company information or your personal story is accessible anytime and  practically anywhere on anything.

This is how we do it
Number One

Campaign and Content

The first step is to decide what you want your QR to do for you and what content you wish to include such as text, imagery, audio/film (we can provide this too) and other communications such as social media.

Number Two

We Collate and Create

Exactly. We put it all together on one page or multiple pages and then go from there with your approval every step of the way. Once you are happy, we create your unique code.
And the best bit? The QR code we create for you is there in perpetuity for you to continue to use even though we may make changes and updates on your behalf over time.

Number Three

The Campaign Trail

Once we have created your very own QR code we can also design promotional material for you and plan a campaign around it.

How it works

For the consumer it is very simple, just download a QR reader App - they're free to download and most smart phones have them. Once it has been downloaded you use it as you would a camera – open up the App to see 4 corner squares which you hover/scan the QR code and voila it opens up to your campaign page - easy. Once read it remains in the browser history until deleted which means that your information is there to be read and re-read.

This image explains the process

How it Works

For Business

A truly innovative way to promote your business.

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For Personal

Keep the story going and keep the memory alive.

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Business Icon


Mobile marketing offers business with an opportunity to reach consumers anytime, anywhere. The use of mobile phones and tablets is on the increase – over half of retail emails sent are opened using a smart phone and tablet.

Building Icon


Isn’t it frustrating to see a historic building that you would like to know more about – or even what the company inside the building does because, as we know, not every company name or logo tells us everything!

People Icon


So many people don’t know their family story and isn’t that a shame? When someone dies it shouldn’t be the end of their story – as families grow the story continues. What a great legacy to leave for future generations.

Pet Icon


As with people, we invest so much of ourselves into our pets and it is very hard then we lose them. We keep their photos’ toys etc and maybe even a film of them and their antics so why not keep it all in one place?


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Mr A Wood, Cambridgeshire

"Its a wonderful idea and I am thrilled to be able to tell my story for my family and future family. Hyphenalia has been brilliant and has created something wonderful and very special."

Ms Sandy Miller, Isle of Wight

"I was dubious at first but now I have my book I am so pleased with it, my Grandchildren love it and are learning things about their family they never knew. A big thank you to Hyphenalia!"

Mrs Jean Fuller, Kent

"I am thrilled that my parents are being commemorated in such a modern way and that my Great Grandchildren and their own children will be able to learn about their forebears."

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