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7th April 2015

Pet Memorials with Class

Pets love you unconditionally so it is hard to bear when we lose them - this is why we have created thoughtful memorials such as the Chrome Horse Shoe with Chrome Plaque depicted here that has your unique QR code engraved onto it.

Your QR code is scanned using a QR reader App (free on most devices) to reveal your story, to watch your special film and to look at photographs taken from all the years you have been together.

Imagine being able to look at pictures, watch all the videos you have taken and record your story all in one place – no need to keep boxes in the loft. And you can send your QR code to friends and family so they too can read your Pets’ story.

We can offer you multiple pages, connectivity to landlines, mobiles, email and website plus social media all from one QR code.

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Mr A Wood, Cambridgeshire

"Its a wonderful idea and I am thrilled to be able to tell my story for my family and future family. Hyphenalia has been brilliant and has created something wonderful and very special."

Mrs J Williams, Kent

"Wow my book looks fantastic and is something we can all enjoy now and not just after I have gone! Thank you so much."

Mrs Jean Fuller, Kent

"I am thrilled that my parents are being commemorated in such a modern way and that my Great Grandchildren and their own children will be able to learn about their forebears."

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