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20th February 2015

QR codes for gravestones

Bridging the gap between life and death is a mystery that has obsessed man since the dawn of society.

Tonbridge firm Hyphenalia offers QR codes for gravestones - by James Walker.

While spirituality may have helped in the past, modern technology could provide an intimate way to remember people long into the future.

A business in Tonbridge is offering to put quick release (QR) codes on gravestones and murals which, once scanned, will bring up a treasure trove of information on a deceased person’s life.

It is being carried out by Hyphenalia, in Morley Road, the brainchild of businesswoman Wendy Nash.

She said: “The idea struck me because I have always had a fascination with headstones and eventually I thought to myself ‘is that it? Am I just going to be a name on granite?

“Most of the time that’s all we get, along with a message that doesn’t tell people much about us at all. It’s such a shame and a wasted opportunity.

“Imagine if someone in your ancestry had achieved something great, but you know nothing about it. It’s something I would want to know and be very proud of.

“I think it’s quite an original idea and if someone needs help creating a memorial, I can help them.”

A QR code is a form of bar code that consists of black dots on a square grid and most smart phone cameras can read them.

Once scanned the code will then divert readers to a tailor made website that commemorates a person’s life. It can contain anything including pictures, music, videos and a family tree.

They are designed to be weatherproof and can be created ahead of death, or for someone that died centuries ago – as long as there is enough information about their lives.

For more information visit or call Wendy Nash on 01732 365130

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Mr A Wood, Cambridgeshire

"Its a wonderful idea and I am thrilled to be able to tell my story for my family and future family. Hyphenalia has been brilliant and has created something wonderful and very special."

Ms Sandy Miller, Isle of Wight

"I was dubious at first but now I have my book I am so pleased with it, my Grandchildren love it and are learning things about their family they never knew. A big thank you to Hyphenalia!"

Ms F Roche', Sussex

"Thrilled at the prospect of working with you both. I know my memories are in great hands!"

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