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Ever wondered who lived there and what they did? Open up the story for all to read.

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Great for public viewing

Isn’t it frustrating to see a commemorative plaque on a wall that does not tell you anything about the person who is being commemorated? How wonderful would it be to be able to scan a QR code and find out more about that person or to read a story about an historic building such as when it was built, who lived there and images from back in the day.

And what about companies? Why not incorporate a QR Marketing Site in your company details on the external wall of your company builidng  to enable people walking past to find out more about you and capture all your contact details and online links.

There is so much scope for the use of Hyphenalia QR Marketing Sites in everyday life – it just requires a little imagination and we have plenty of that.

The Building Package

We will create a QR Marketing Site unique to you, we can use historic imagery, old film and turn them into something hi-tech and state-of-the-art. What an interesting juxtaposition between, say, a 500 year old building and a modern QR code!



Ms F Roche', Sussex

"Thrilled at the prospect of working with you both. I know my memories are in great hands!"

Mr A Wood, Cambridgeshire

"Its a wonderful idea and I am thrilled to be able to tell my story for my family and future family. Hyphenalia has been brilliant and has created something wonderful and very special."

Mrs Jean Fuller, Kent

"I am thrilled that my parents are being commemorated in such a modern way and that my Great Grandchildren and their own children will be able to learn about their forebears."

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If you are interested in this package please contact us and we’ll organise a quote to suit your request.