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Greater awareness leads to increased sales

Hyphenalia Marketing Sites provide you with a unique opportunity to reach consumers anytime, anywhere. The use of mobile phones and tablets is on the increase – *over half of retail emails sent are opened using a smart phone and tablet * Source: Mobile Press

A recent Nielsen report states “Marketers are deploying mobile campaigns on their own as well as a complement to other media….” Evidenced by Macdonald’s who use them to great effect and Mercedes who are using them in-car….the use of a QR code engages the consumer and makes it easier for them to get more information about you, your product, service and business.

There are several mobile communication platforms available that can include text and/or an image, perhaps a video, maybe a link, access to social media even but there is only one company that can do it all and in one place – Hyphenalia.

Hyphenalia Marketing Sites are not linked to a website so no need for a domain name, CMS or website travails because our Marketing Sites are held securely on a server in a UK location.

QR codes linked to a website can be slow to download and not so easy to read which can be frustrating. Hyphenalia Marketing Sites are quick to download, easy to read and flexible meaning content can be changed in an instant whilst still retaining your original QR code.

With one of our ‘live’ calling cards you can be in front of your potential customers anytime, anywhere without even being there! Take a look at a sample of one of our ‘live’ products here:

The Business Package

It’s true to say that every mobile campaign is as unique as the business or person it is promoting or communicating which is why we tailor everything according to our clients’ needs – whether that is one page, multiple pages involving filming and/or photography.

The process is simple. You tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll tell you how to achieve it.



Ms F Roche', Sussex

"Thrilled at the prospect of working with you both. I know my memories are in great hands!"

Mrs Jean Fuller, Kent

"I am thrilled that my parents are being commemorated in such a modern way and that my Great Grandchildren and their own children will be able to learn about their forebears."

Ms Sandy Miller, Isle of Wight

"I was dubious at first but now I have my book I am so pleased with it, my Grandchildren love it and are learning things about their family they never knew. A big thank you to Hyphenalia!"

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